Compliance Hotline

Confidential and Anonymous Reporting


All workforce members are required to report any known or suspected violations of laws or of Wake Forest University policies or regulations.  This may involve a situation in which you observe a violation, hear about a violation, or suspect that a violation may have occurred.  If you observe improper behavior by anyone in the workplace, regardless of the individual’s position of authority, you are responsible for reporting it immediately.

While employees are encouraged to report compliance issues directly to their immediate supervisor, this may not always be an option.  The Compliance Hotline is available for this very reason.

The Compliance Hotline can be reached toll free at 1.877.880.7888 or by submitting an online report at Both methods of reporting are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can be accessed from any location, and are available in numerous languages. To ensure caller confidentiality and anonymity, this service is administered by an independent company, Navex.

Whether you contact the Compliance Hotline by calling the toll free number or by accessing the web report online, you will always have the right to remain anonymous. Telephone interviewers do not have access to caller ID capability. All online reports are secure; no identifying information such as IP address is maintained.

All individuals providing information regarding possible illegal activities in the workplace and good-faith reports of possible compliance concerns are protected from retaliation or retribution (No Retaliation Policy).

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Compliance Hotline

Confidential & Anonymous
Toll-free: 877.880.7888

24 hours a day, 7 days a week