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Our main office is in the Piedmont Plaza II building, located at the Five Points intersection off of Stratford Road.

Compliance Hotline

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Toll-free: 877.880.7888
Online: wakeforest.ethicspoint.com

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  • We will strive to make all purchasing decisions based on the best interests of and value to the University. We recognize the value of obtaining competitive bids when appropriate, maintaining independence, ascertaining the financial and legal position of vendors, and obtaining clear written agreements for services or goods to be purchased.
  • We understand that gifts donated to the University constitute a major funding source. We will adhere to any restrictions affecting these gifts as well as applicable laws.
  • We maintain accurate and timely financial records in accordance with the University’s policies and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
  • We will not fraudulently influence, coerce, manipulate, or mislead an auditor engaged in the performance of an audit.
  • We cooperate fully with internal/external auditors and regulatory agencies during examinations of all books and records and do not alter or destroy any documents in anticipation of such reviews.
  • We use appropriate internal financial controls to safeguard assets and to ensure compliance with all internal and external accounting rules and regulations.
  • We comply with all laws relating to pricing, competition, and business arrangements and consult with the Legal Department whenever we are unsure of a law’s application.

University Advancement

  • We recognize that the process of raising charitable funds requires ethical and sensitive interactions with prospective and current donors. Such interactions include the release of information on specific gifts or giving records and the release of general information about alumni or other supporters.
  • We recognize that the responsibility for development of prospective donors lies with the Office of University Advancement, whose staff works in cooperation with other offices and departments across the University.

News Service

  • We acknowledge that the University News Service is the University’s primary and official liaison to the news media— international, national, regional, state, and local—and that the News Service is responsible for initiating, developing, and maintaining effective, productive, and beneficial relations with the news media in communicating University news.
  • We respect the individual freedom of faculty, staff, and administrators to express their opinions on University actions and policies while also recognizing that the News Service provides official University comment on all matters regarding the University.
  • We understand that the University encourages its faculty, staff, and administrators to serve as members of community panels, boards, civic organizations, professional associations, and other similar voluntary associations and that an employee assuming such role is not acting as a spokesperson of the University.

Office of Creative Services

  • We recognize that the Director of Creative Services is responsible for establishing and maintaining the graphic and editorial image of the University in all printed and electronic publications and that specific standards apply related to the use of fonts, types of photos, colors, the logo, the seal, and preferred design of web pages.
  • We understand that the University has legal rights in its name and trademarks.