For close to two centuries, Wake Forest University has endeavored to live by the principle expressed in our motto “Pro Humanitate”. We have respect for the people of our educational community and indeed for all people regardless of race, color, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and personal beliefs. We believe in human dignity, in academic freedom, and in the pursuit of excellence in education. The Design for Excellence is intended to be a guide in the pursuit of our mission while we serve as part of the Wake Forest community.

Representatives from the undergraduate and graduate faculties, from our professional schools, and from the University staff developed the Design for Excellence. The Design for Excellence is addressed to all members of the Wake Forest University community. As a guide, it does not replace or supersede our existing Faculty Handbook nor does it replace existing policies and procedures that apply to administrators and staff personnel. Additionally, the omission of any standard of conduct or expectation of performance with respect to job duties is not meant to imply that such standard or expectation does not exist. The Design for Excellence is not intended to create any contractual rights in or to provide an independent basis for the disciplining of faculty, staff, or administrators.

The Design for Excellence is not a policy statement, but rather offers examples of and precepts for compliance with regulatory and ethical norms. Part of our responsibilities as members of Wake Forest University is to comply with applicable campus policies, with local, state, and federal laws and regulations, and with the laws and regulations of the other states and countries to which we travel on University business.

When faced with an ethical question or issue that relates to the University, current University policies and procedures, applicable handbooks, and the Design for Excellence should be consulted. Problems or issues are best resolved by the affected individual. If the issues cannot be resolved by the individual, consultation should be sought within the applicable department. Should additional assistance be required, the individual should seek the advice of the University Counsel or the University Compliance Office.

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