The culture of Wake Forest University (Reynolda Campus) is one of trust, cooperation, and collaboration among faculty, staff, and students to execute our duties professionally according to established policies, procedures and regulations.


We adhere to and support anti-discrimination laws and regulations with respect to race, gender, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, religion, or any other characteristic protected by law. In addition, we reject hatred and bigotry in any form and adhere to the principle that no person should be judged or harassed on the basis of perceived or actual sexual orientation.

Regulatory Compliance

We comply with all appropriate federal, state, and local environmental health and safety laws and regulations, including those laws and regulations put forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • We receive ongoing training to recognize potential hazards and take actions necessary for protection of ourselves, others, and the environment.
  • We properly document, store, handle, transport, and dispose of chemical, biohazardous, radioactive, and other hazardous materials, as well as drugs and pharmaceuticals.
  • We follow practices that reduce the risk of spreading infection and attend training about these practices in accordance with existing University policies and procedures.
  • We are responsible for complying with all workplace safety and health regulations and will report unsafe conditions, equipment, or practices to our supervisor or other University administrators, as required by law.

Health and Safety for All

  • We do not work while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other drugs that interfere with our ability to perform our job responsibilities.
  • We acknowledge that it is unlawful to bring weapons into the workplace or on campus.
  • We are committed to protecting all persons on our premises as well as all members of our University from abuse and neglect, and we will report suspected abuse and neglect immediately. (see the Protection for Minors policy)


  • We will report actual or suspected harassment, which may include insulting, degrading, or other harassing behaviors.
  • We will not retaliate against individuals who, in good faith, report allegations of harassment, discrimination, or violations of applicable laws.
  • We strive to maintain an educational and working environment free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment by supervisors, coworkers, faculty, or students will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment may result in disciplinary action, which can include dismissal.
  • We do not take actions that create a hostile work environment for others.
  • We will protect the University’s property against loss, theft, misuse, and waste.
  • We recognize that contributing to the use of alcoholic beverages by underage students is illegal.


  • Confidentiality of faculty, staff, and student records is respected and we use such records only on a need-to-know basis and in accordance with proper authorization, or otherwise as permitted by law.

Learning Environment

  • We encourage and support employees’ participation in training programs that enhance personal and job-related abilities.

Conflict of Interest

  • We disclose to our supervisor perceived or actual conflicts of interest to ensure that such conflicts do not result in undue personal gains or compromise the performance of our duties.
  • We do not accept personal gifts of cash in any amount, or gifts of property, services, or benefits meant to, or which appear to, improperly influence us in doing our jobs. We discuss any questionable offers of non-cash gifts with our supervisor.
  • We do not accept secondary employment that creates a conflict with University policy or potential negative impact on job performance or the confidentiality of University information.
  • We are encouraged to participate in community, political, and charitable activities so long as they do not interfere with satisfactory job performance or make inappropriate use of University resources.

Computing Concerns

  • We understand, support, and abide by the policies concerning the ethical and responsible use of computers at Wake Forest University.
  • We understand that our usage of the University’s computer resources may be reviewed in accordance with University policy.

Contact Us

1100 Reynolds Blvd, Suite 1022
Winston-Salem, NC 2710

Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm

Our main office is in the University Corporate Center, first floor, located off campus on Reynolds Drive and adjacent to Truist Field.


Confidential & Anonymous
Toll-free: 877.880.7888

24 hours a day, 7 days a week