We are expected to inquire into all instances of alleged or apparent misconduct in scholarly activities. We understand that academic freedom is essential to creating an atmosphere in which scholarship flourishes. We conduct all research in accordance with requirements of the appropriate regulatory agencies, and with the highest applicable academic standards.

Scholarly Integrity

  • We properly collect, record, and maintain research data.
  • We take responsibility for all publications and presentations of which we are co-authors.
  • We appropriately acknowledge in publications and presentations those who have contributed to our research.
  • We grant access to our research data to co-investigators involved in generating the data.
  • We do not unnecessarily interfere with the research conducted by students or faculty.

Protection of Research Participants, Researchers, and the Community

  • We observe all federal and state laws, as well as University policies and procedures, relating to the care, transport, and use of nonhuman animals in research.
  • We seek prior approval of the appropriate University commit- tees when research involves the use of human or nonhuman participants, hazardous chemical substances, biohazardous materials, or radioactive materials.
  • When required, human participants will be informed of their participation in research and will be given an explicit opportunity to agree or decline to participate.
  • We accept the right of individuals to refuse to participate in and to withdraw from studies without prejudice.
  • We comply with all workplace safety and health regulations and will report unsafe conditions, equipment, or practices to our supervisor or other appropriate University administrators.
  • We properly document, store, handle, transport, and dispose of radioactive, biohazardous, and hazardous chemical materials, pharmaceuticals, and investigational drugs, and we attend appropriate training in the use of these materials.
  • We attend required instructional and training sessions when dictated by funding or oversight agencies.

Research Support

  • We use research funds only for their designated purposes.
  • We disclose financial conflicts of interest to the University for management in accordance with existing policies and procedures.
  • We properly acknowledge sponsorship of research in our publications and presentations.
  • We disclose inventions produced from our research to the University so that it may consider protection of intellectual property.

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Our main office is in the University Corporate Center, first floor, located off campus on Reynolds Drive and adjacent to Truist Field.


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